SAS Global Private Limited is a leading company of the 21st century, constantly challenging and embracing change in tradition of the way our industry operates. We aim to do business differently providing eye catching opportunities to our clients.  
  The company is born by the visionary ambitious success of Krishna Cycle house, Sunil Auto Sales Private Limited, Sun Motors and SAS Hyundai (SAS Automotives Private Limited). Since 40 years SAS is celebrating its tremendous success ever from the birth of its founder who made a remarkable history treasure trove, which is been regularly appreciated. The company has grown steadily over the last period of time and continues to expand into the new millennium. Initially in 1969, the company started out as distributors of Hero Cycles in Lucknow known as Krishna cycle house. Later in 1979, it expanded to Sunil Auto Sales Private Limited and in 1992 to Sun Motors, the distributors of Hero Honda motorcycles, to meet the diverse demands of the ever-changing transportation industry. Rapid growth soon necessitated another move in 2004 with a new wing as SAS Hyundai (SAS Automotives Private Limited), where the company tripled in size.  
  Today, the company that started out as Krishna Cycles has now SAS Nelson Pediatric Hospital and SAS Foods (FMCG supply) as well. Been spread locally, the company is also working globally on the name of Trade Pal Limited in the United Kingdom. Hence, SAS Global Private Limited has everything, a family with global tastes yet Indian root flavor.  
  SAS Global Private Limited is passionate about property and the frequent progress in our thinking endeavor global growth. This brought SAS in real estate that provides highly professional yet comfortable one to one environment to the customers making sure that our clients opt for best and rational choices both in terms of quality and price. After all, your dream is our reality.  
  Enough about us-lets talk about you. Whether you own a house or manage rents and bills for landlord. Why compromise for living?  
  SAS Global Private Limited has come to take a stand for you with pure spirit, loyalty, intelligence and teamwork so you can concentrate on your work and leave everything on us because your dream is not a deal for us.  
  If given an option, would you prefer living in crowded neighborhood or on a land of private living sipping a coffee on a Sunday morning surrounded by nature and lush green environment, local shopping center and close to the city, for the same investment? SAS Global Private Limited can help move you ahead both locally and globally.  
  Are you ready to break ground?  
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